Transitional Duty Pays Off for Everyone
Original Article, Authors & Publication Details: By Garry Kranz Workforce Management, December 2003, pp. 75-77

Components of Return-to-Work Programs that are Effective
Original Article, Authors & Publication Details: R.-L. Franche1,2, K. Cullen1, J. Clarke1, E. Irvin1, S. Sinclair1,3 and J. Frank1,2.4 and The Institute for Work and Health (IWH) Workplace-Based RTW Intervention Literature Review Research Team5 (2005). Workplace-based return-to-work interventions: A systematic review of the quantitative literature. Journal of Occupational Rehabilitation; 15(4):607-631

The Health Effects of Being Out of Work
Original Article, Authors & Publication Details: G. Waddell1, K. Burton2 and M. Aylward3 (2007). Work and Common Health Problems. Journal of Insurance Medicine; 39(2):109-120. 1Waddell –Unumprovident Centre for Psychosocial and Disability Research, Cardiff University, UK. 2Burton – Centre for Health and Social Care Research, University of Huddersfield, UK 3Aylward – Unumprovident Centre for Psychosocial and Disability Research, Cardiff University, UK

The Effect of Financial Compensation on Rehabilitation
Original Article, Authors & Publication Details Anne Pernille Lysgaard,1,3 Kirsten Fonager2 and Claus V. Nielsen1 Effect of financial compensation on vocational rehabilitation. Journal of Rehabilitation Medicine 2005;37(6):388 - 391. 1Unit of Social Medicine, Department of Public Health, Aarhus County, Aarhus, 2Department of Social Medicine, Aalborg Hospital, Aalborg and 3Center for Substance Abuse, Aarhus County, Aarhus, Denmark

Modified Work Programs: Common Barriers to Implementation
Original Article, Authors & Publication Details M. van Duijn1, H. Miedema2, L. Elders1 and A. Burdorf1. (2004). Barriers for Early Return-to-Work of Workers with Musculoskeletal Disorders According to Occupational Health Physicians and Human Resource Managers. Journal of Occupational Rehabilitation, 14(1): 31-42 1Department of Public Health, Erasmus MC, University Medical Center Rotterdam, The Netherlands. 2Netherlands Expert Center for Work-Related Musculoskeletal Disorders, Erasmus MC, University Medical Center, Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

What Motivates People to Return to Work?
Original Article, Authors & Publication Details: G. Gard1 and A. C, Sandberg2 (1998). Motivating factors for return to work. Physiotherapy Research International; 3(2):100-108 1Department of Physical Therapy, Lund University Sweden. 2Department of Physical Therapy, Karolinska Institute, Stockholm, Sweden

On Being Stuck in the WC System and How to Get Out of It
Original Article, Authors & Publication Details: William S. Shaw1,2 & Yueng-Hsiang Huang1 Concerns and expectations about returning to work with low back pain: Identifying themes from focus groups and semi-structured interview. Disability and Rehabilitation: An International, Multidisciplinary Journal. Vol 27(21) Nov 2005, 1269-1281. 1Liberty Mutual Research Institute for Safety, 71 Frankland Road, Hopkinton, USA 2University of Massachusetts Medical School, Department of Family Medicine and Community Health, 55 Lake Avenue North, Worcester, MA 01655 USA

Knowing the Return to Work Expectation of an Injured Worker
B. Heijbel1, M. Josephson2, I.Jensen1, S. Stark2, E. Vingard2 (2006). Return to work expectation predicts work in chronic musculoskeletal and behavioral health disorders: prospective study with clinical implications. Journal of Occupational Rehabilitation; 16(2):173-184. 1Section for Personal Injury Prevention, Karolinska Institutet, Box 12718, SE-112 94 Stockholm, Sweden 2Department of Medical Sciences, Akademiska sjukhuset, Uala University

What Makes a Compensation Claim More Expensive than Expected?
Original Article, Authors & Publication Details: E. Bernacki1, L. Yuspeh2 and X. Tao1 (2007). Determinants of Escalating Costs in Low Risk Workers' Compensation Claims. Journal of Occupational & Environmental Medicine 49(7): 780-790. 1Division of Occupational and Environmental Medicine, Baton Rouge, Louisiana. 2Johns Hopkins University, School of Medicine, Baltimore, Maryland; Louisiana Workers' Compensation Corporation, Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

A Simple Proven Return to Work Model
Original Article, Authors & Publication Details: Colledge AL, Johnson HI. The S.P.I.C.E. model for return to work. Occupational Health & Safety 2000;69(2):64-9.

The Role and Obstacles with GP in Return to Work
Original Article, Authors & Publication Details: Pransky G, Katz JN, Benjamin K, Himmelstein J. Improving the physician role in evaluating work ability and managing disability: a survey of primary care practitioners. Disability & Rehabilitation 2002;24(16):867 - 874.

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