RTW PlaceRite® Frequently Asked Questions

Who Pays What?

Typically, the cost is allocated back to the claim file. We do recommend that the employer pays full or partial wages for the job offer to be valid.

What if a re-injury occurs at the non-profit?

If a re-injury occurs it is treated in the same manner as if the employee was working in a transitional duty position at the employer’s site. No re-injuries have occurred in 2008 or 2009.

How does the communication work?

The RTW PlaceRite® team will connect with your claim or case management team via email or phone to discuss any questions. RTW PlaceRite® works as the liaison between the non profit organization and the employer or TPA. RTW PlaceRite® will not contact the injured employee.

Are employer tax-credits available with this program?

Employer tax-credits may be available with the RTW PlaceRite® program and they vary by state. We recommend that the employer contact their tax specialist for additional information.

How does the RTW PlaceRite® program tie into OSHA reportables?

RTW PlaceRite will help you reduce the number of lost time days that are reportable.

How long does the program last?

Typically, 92% of the placements end within 30 days. If needed, the RTW PlaceRite® program can last as long as 180 days. It is meant to be a temporary solution to keep the injured employee moving forward.

My employer has operations all over the U.S. and many of our employees live in rural areas. Can the RTW PlaceRite® program assist us?

Yes, the RTW PlaceRite® program can assist employers with rural employees. If we are unable to find a suitable placement, there is no charge.

Does the RTW PlaceRite® program work in all states?

The RTW PlaceRite® program works well in all but a few states. If you have questions regarding a specific state, please email rtwplacerite@rtwi.com.

How much does each placement cost?

The cost of each placement is a one-time fee of $825. Fees can be reduced if minimum volume agreements are put in place at the start of the program.

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