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Workers’ compensation claims do not get better with time. The longer an injured employee is off work, the less likely he or she will return. Most employers find it quite challenging to accommodate all injured employees with restrictions, so we have developed a solution called RTW PlaceRite to assist with return-to-work challenges.

RTW PlaceRite® is a unique return-to-work solution designed to provide temporary light-duty for injured employees with restrictions, in situations where the employer is unable to accommodate the injured employee. RTW PlaceRite® is a national network of non profit organizations that act as an extension of the employer’s return-to-work program. The program is designed to keep the injured employee active with the ultimate goals of shortening the disability duration and getting the inured employee back to their full-duty position. The RTW PlaceRite® program helps reduce the average indemnity claim by 28 days.

The process is quite simple. Begin by going to www.rtwi.com/placerite and create a user profile, then login and complete the RTW PlaceRite® Referral Form. Once the form has been completed, just click submit and our internal team will identify a non-profit organization that can accommodate the injured employee’s restrictions within the state-mandated criteria. Our team will identify an appropriate return-to-work option and then send the job offer letter to the employer or TPA to be forwarded to the injured employee. RTW will also conduct an attendance call on the first day and subsequent follow-up calls every two weeks. Placements are identified for most injured employees within 1-7 business days of the referral being made. Additionally, we can add locations to our network based on the employer’s needs at no additional charge.

For additional information, please review our short Introduction to RTW PlaceRite®, click on the FAQs , or Contact Us .

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