Life at RTW

At RTW, we look for connection. We have people with personality, ideas and natural talent in a team environment. We offer a unique dimension in the office setting. Our employees work together in a learning environment to meet performance challenges while living our values. Working on a team is more than just individuals working in a group; it is working together, as a team, to focus on work-product, personal growth and performance results while sharing leadership.

RTW motivates, challenges, rewards and supports team growth. Building teams that outperform individuals acting alone takes time, effort and a commitment to one another. We support this process by providing team functioning exercises in which individuals get to know each other and build trust in otherís capabilities.

RTW also supports growth and change through individual performance review and growth plans.

We encourage team members to increase mastery of skills and prepare for future responsibilities through seminars, professional associations and periodicals. At RTW, our employees want their work to mean something.

Itís wonderful to be a part of something larger than oneself.

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