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A Purpose Driven Company

RTW, Inc (RTW) isn't just another look-alike provider offering workers' compensation, disability and absence management solutions. We are a company with a purpose. We attract exceptional people who desire to be the best . . . people who are honest and have unwavering ethics and integrity. We work in an environment where we support, trust, respect and listen to each other. We make and keep our promises and commitments to one another and to our customers. We are innovative, creative and passionate about the difference we make in the world. We exist to help you. That is why you need to get to know us better.

At RTW, we transform people from absent or idle to present and productive. Knowing that employees are your greatest assets, we developed a proprietary process to identify potentially high-cost claims within the first forty-eight hours of an injury event. Nobody else can do this. To borrow the old cliche, knowledge is power. Putting knowledge into action, we outperform the industry, hands down. Our average claim cost is 57% better than the industry and we close claims faster, resulting in open claims that are 80% less than our competitors.

How do we achieve such outstanding results? We identify problems early using our proprietary ID15 process then intervene rapidly using our exclusive proprietary blueprint, the RTW Solution. We manage employee absence to the best possible outcome — creating value by lowering costs associated with disability and reducing time away from work.

We offer our services for insured customers through our wholly-owned workers' compensation insurance subsidiaries, American Compensation Insurance Company (ACIC) and Bloomington Compensation Insurance Company (BCIC). For self-insured, large deductible and state fund employers, we offer our services through our service division, Absentia.

We truly revolutionize how organizations view workers' compensation, disability and absence management — and we continually raise the bar.

To find out how we can help you seize control, improve productivity and reduce cost, contact us today at sales@rtwi.com or toll free at 1-800-789-2242.

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