RTW Solution®

Putting Knowledge into Action

Once we identify the likely high-cost claims, acting on that knowledge is the only way to make a difference. At RTW we call this, putting knowledge into action. Our customers call it achieving exceptional results.

RTW Solution is our answer to putting knowledge into action. It begins with immediate nurse involvement on the "15%". Our ability to instantly identify those injured employees that exhibit problematic behavioral and psychosocial characteristics, in addition to the physical injury, ensures we employ the right resources at the right time. Our immediate involvement allows us to address the true underlying issues, ensures prompt and appropriate medical treatment and enables us to return the employee to work much more quickly.

The RTW Solution reduces work absenteeism, decreases medical and wage replacement costs and creates cultural change. We drive accountability and responsibility with the injured employee and the medical care provider. In return, we attain the best outcome for the employee and employer; best medical treatment, appropriate return to work, closing claims faster and keeping them closed...all while saving people's lives.

A Different Idea

Claims management, medical case management and customer service is nothing new in the world of risk and disability management. What is new is the approach we take in delivering our holistic solution. We describe it as MCM3 — medical and claims management to the highest level, with passionate people as the key.  

By focusing on behavioral issues, psychosocial characteristics and the physical injury; we help our customers achieve average claim costs that are 57% better than the industry and we close claims faster, resulting in open claims that are 80% less than our competitors.

Let us put the RTW Solution to work for you.

To find out how we can help you seize control, improve productivity and reduce cost, contact us at sales@rtwi.com or toll-free at 800-789-2242.

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