Accident Prevention

Achieve Your Risk Management Goals
Let RTW help you achieve your risk management goals. An effective loss prevention solution reduces claims that could occur within your operation.  Not all programs are alike, and one size doesn't fit all needs. Formal or informal, we can customize a loss prevention plan to meet the needs of your company. At RTW, we believe the best claim is the one that did not occur.

Our Role
RTW Loss Prevention supports your business by applying techniques that improve workers' compensation results by reducing preventable injuries.  RTW's aggressive team-based approach delivers proactive, quantifiable loss prevention services and products that reduce the frequency of injuries in your workplace.  We believe that ownership of your safety program is supported through our consultative approach to safety and loss prevention.

Your Role
You have made a commitment to provide a safe and healthy workplace for your employees.  You are constantly looking to identify, analyze and solve problems that are the leading cause of loss within your company.  The true cost of workers' compensation goes beyond medical and indemnity payments, and includes indirect costs such as lost productivity, overtime, added administration, regulatory compliance and potential fines or penalties.

Services Provided
Our services are designed to improve your loss control results and insure regulatory compliance.   We do this by offering the following services in a bundled or unbundled package:

•  Ergonomics
•  Industrial hygiene
•  Loss control
•  Safety program assistance
•  Safe behavior development
•  Security

The Next Step
We consult with you to analyze the areas for improvement to reduce or eliminate losses.  We assist you in selecting and implementing appropriate solutions and monitor the effectiveness of those changes.  The results will maximize safety and maintain efficiency with your business.

To find out how we can help you seize control, improve productivity and reduce cost, contact us today at or toll free at 1-800-789-2242.

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