Pre-Hire Screening

RTW SelectRite®

What if you knew which applicants are likely to create cost in your business due to disability and absence before you hire them? We can show you.

Traditionally, absence is managed after a claim occurs. RTW and its division Absentia use ID15 to identify the injured employees that are likely to become inappropriately dependent on disability system benefits. For many of these people, the injury is not the reason that they are in the system. Generally, these individuals have something else going on in their life, such as personal problems or an addictive personality. These "psychosocial issues" in many cases exacerbate the cost and duration of the disability.

The same psychosocial issues that increase lost time and claim cost at the point of injury also exist in people prior to hire. We can help you identify these characteristics before a candidate is hired so you can make a more informed decision. The process is simple and cost effective.

A survey is added to the hiring process, administered on-site and takes only 15 to 20 minutes per applicant. This survey identifies applicants who have a propensity to steal, use drugs, lie and exhibit hostility or violence. In addition, the survey also indicates individuals who may harbor an entitlement mentality. This process meets all State and Federal hiring guidelines and has not been legally challenged since its first use in 1979.

Employers who use RTW SelectRite achieve incredible results. The capture rate is 31%, nearly three times higher than traditional urinalysis and criminal background checks combined. Despite industry trends that see higher frequency and severity rates for new employees, benchmarked data from customers using this process exhibit loss rates at least 50% less for screened employee groups compared with existing personnel who were not tested.

RTW is committed to changing the way absence is managed in the American workplace. We are committed to helping you make good hiring decisions, ensuring that you have fewer people to transform from absent or idle to present and productive.

To find out how we can help you seize control, improve productivity and reduce cost, contact us at or toll-free at 800-789-2242.

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