Knowledge is Power

Did you know that fifteen percent of employees injured in workers' compensation accidents drive eighty percent of the system cost? Would it surprise you to learn that the injury itself is not the main driver of cost and disability of these claims? Imagine that you could identify that fifteen percent in the first forty-eight hours after an injury . . . and know with an accuracy of ninety-five percent (ninety-eight and a half percent at fourteen days). Not only did we imagine it, we created it.

ID15 is the result of integrating the expertise of medical professionals with technology to identify problematic claims early before they have a chance to go bad. Not only is this technology helpful for injuries sustained at work, but it is also valuable for non-occupational injuries and other illnesses that result in people being absent from work.

Utilizing specially trained nurses, we interview injured employees to collect specific and relevant behavioral issues, psychosocial characteristics and physical injury information. Our nurses supplement this information by further interviewing the treating medical professional(s) and consulting with the employer to gather additional facts. These exchanges are performed immediately after the occupational or non-occupational injury event.

Once the data gathering phase has concluded, our nurses enter the results into our proprietary ID15 system. ID15 produces a score, a "disability indicator," based on the information collected from the interviews. The disability indicator determines for us the likelihood that a claim will become one of the fifteen percent.

Why We Work so Hard

One may ask why we work so hard and are so comprehensive in our commitment to serving our customers. The answer is simple. Industry studies conclude:

  • The injury is not the root cause of the employee's absence in many instances.
  • An employee off work 12 weeks has a 50% likelihood of never returning to work.
  • Traditional insurers and third-party administrators get paid more as your experience deteriorates.

By focusing on behavioral issues, psychosocial characteristics and the physical injury, we help our customers achieve average claim costs that are 57% better than the industry and we close claims faster, resulting in open claims that are 80% less than our competitors.

Isn't it time we help you identify your 15%?

To find out how we can help you seize control, improve productivity and reduce cost, contact us at or toll-free at 800-789-2242.

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