Tail Claim Management

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Ask any claims professional what claims they would eliminate from their claim inventory and they would, unequivocally, wish their long-term claims away. Tail claims are expensive, seem to have no end in sight and ultimately, prevent claim professionals from giving their full attention to today's claims, furthering the irrational cycle.

We are the leader in transforming the outcome of long-term claims — best in the business. We don't just reinsure the risk away, we reduce it. We close claims faster than the industry resulting in open claims that are 80% less than the industry.   Translated, we know that 80% of the claims that remain in your long-term open claim inventory are claims that we would have closed.   When we manage tail claims, our customers realize benefits that go directly to the bottom line.

In managing your tail claims, we immediately assess the open claim files. We look to identify any behavioral issues or psychosocial characteristics that may prevent the injured employee's return to employment. We review necessity of the ongoing medical treatment and evaluate whether the individual may have become inappropriately dependent on the system. Our immediate evaluation enables us to address any underlying issues, ensures appropriate medical treatment and helps us achieve the best possible outcome.

By meticulously managing tail claims using the RTW Solution, we transform outcomes. We reduce work absenteeism, decrease medical and wage replacement costs and create cultural change. We drive accountability and responsibility with the injured employee and the medical care provider. In return, we attain the best outcome for the employee and employer; best medical treatment, appropriate return to work, closing claims faster and keeping them closed . . . all while saving people's lives.

By focusing on behavioral issues, psychosocial characteristics and the physical injury, we help our customers achieve average claim costs that are 57% better than the industry and we close claims faster, resulting in open claims that are 80% less than our competitors.

Let us be your tail claim management solution today.

To find out how we can help you seize control, improve productivity and reduce cost, contact us at sales@rtwi.com or toll-free at 800-789-2242.

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