Return-to-Work Programs

Our Name Says it All

At RTW, Inc (RTW) , we transform people from absent or idle to present and productive. Knowing that employees are your greatest assets, we developed a proprietary process that identifies potential problem claims within 48 hours using our proprietary ID15 process then intervene rapidly and meticulously using our exclusive proprietary blueprint, the RTW Solution. Nobody else can do this. As our name indicates, we are focused on Return to Work.

The excellent results we achieve with our proprietary processes are only half of the equation. The most successful programs return an employee to work and life, resulting in reduced cost and employee absenteeism. Having a job available that will allow the employee to return to work at less than 100% capacity is the key.

RTW can help in two ways:

1. Assist you with creating or improving a formal Return-to-Work program.

  • Assessment of current R-T-W program and needs
  • On-site assessment to identify transitional/light-duty work options
  • Assistance with establishing formal written job descriptions for transitional/light-duty jobs
  • Communication plan to all stakeholders
  • Company training to implement a formal transitional/light-duty program

2. When transitional duty jobs are difficult to find in your organization, we offer RTW PlaceRitesm, a national network of nonprofit organizations that provide jobs that fit most injured employees medical restrictions. Employers who use RTW PlaceRitesm see significant benefits and results, including:

  • ADA approved work environment
  • Shifts focus from pain to recovery
  • Allows recovery to take priority over production expectations
  • Provides real work for continued pay (by Employer)
  • Keeps injured worker engaged in work and life
  • Keeps employees from becoming dependent on work comp system
  • Positive public relations for company within the community (some states offer community tax credits)
  • 92% of injured workers’ benefits were terminated within one week of referral
    – 25% participated in Return-to-Work program
    – 16% refused work, benefits terminated
    – 51% returned to full duty work, benefits terminated
  • Average lost time per claim reduced by 28 days
  • Re-injury rate less than ½%

To find out how we can help you seize control, improve productivity and reduce cost, contact us at or toll-free at 800-789-2242.


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