RTW PlaceRite® Case Studies

Mr. G DOI: 3/2009 Client ID: TI
Job of Injury: Truck Driver Type of injury: severe ankle sprain w/ligament damage
Initial restrictions: Occasional walking/standing, occasional lift/carry 20#, no push//pull/climb
Referred to RTW PlaceRiteŽ: 07-21-09, placed with nonprofit on 07-22-09, started at nonprofit 07-30-09. On 08-21-09, IW released to capabilities that allowed him to return to work with employer of injury.

Ms. H DOI: 6/2009 Client ID: AC
Job of Injury: Resident Aide Type of injury: Back injury
Initial restrictions: 25# lift/push/pull, avoid repeated stoop/bend/twist
Referred to RTW PlaceRiteŽ: 07-16-09, placed with nonprofit on 07-16-09, started at nonprofit on 07-22-09. On 08-07-09 IW released to full duty work and returned to work at employer of injury.

Mr. S DOI: Client ID: AbG
Job of Injury: Type of injury:
Initial restrictions:
Referred to RTW PlaceRiteŽ: 03-09-09, placed at nonprofit 03-25-09, started at that nonprofit 03-27-09.
IW worked at the nonprofit through 08-24-09 when the employer of injury brought IW back at their facility in an ongoing light duty capacity. IW was an asset to the nonprofit and they could not speak more highly of him during this time in the volunteer position. (shoulder injury)

Ms. B DOI: 12/2008 Client ID: TI
Job of Injury: Health care worker Type of injury: Back Strain
Initial restrictions: No lift, push, pull over 15#.
Referral to RTW PlaceRiteŽ: 03-19-09, placed at nonprofit on 03-25-09, and started with the nonprofit on 04-02-09 through 05-05-09. Her capabilities changed to 10# lift/push/pull and repetitive arm movements. The NPO was no longer able to accommodate her as of 05-05-09. She was then placed at a different NPO on 05-11-09, and started with that NPO on 05-19-09, within one month she was placed at full duty capacity and back with her employer of injury.

Mr. C DOI: 5/19/08 Client ID: SKT
Job of Injury: Truck Driver Type of injury: Knee sprain
Initial restrictions: No kneeling/squatting, no bending/stooping, no pushing/pulling, no twisting, no climbing stairs/ladders, walking 2 hours per day,
Referred to RTW PlaceRiteŽ: 11/18/08 Placement was found the same day the referral was received and a job offer was generated. Mr. C showed for his initial appointment on 11/24/08 with the non profit organization and started working the same day. He then was a no call/no show and the employer terminated his benefits.

Mr. H-S DOI: 10/17/06 Client ID: CH
Job of Injury: General Labor Type of injury: Fractured back
Initial restrictions: Limited lifting, sit down work only
Referred to RTW PlaceRiteŽ: 8/28/08 with a notation that he did not speak English. We did not have a facility in our network in his area that could accommodate a Spanish speaking only employee. Several calls were made and placement was found for him on 8/29/2009. Unfortunately, they only had approximately 4 hours of work available for him. The non profit facility suggested that they work with the employee to improve his minimal English skills for the other 4 hours. The employer agreed and the placement was completed. He stayed in the placement just about 90 days until he was able to return to work at the employer.

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